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18 December 2012 @ 07:29 am
Fic: Reactions of a Sort for bitchet  
Title: Reactions of a Sort
Author: ???
A gift for: bitchet
Rating: PG
Length: ~5700
Character(s): Astoria/Draco, Ginny/Harry, Hermione/Ron, Horace Slughorn, Aurora Sinistra, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Al Potter, Lily Luna Potter, Viktor Krum
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Thanks to my beta r for the fastest beta in the history of the world! I really hope you enjoy this, bitchet, I enjoyed writing it for you!

Draco stood at the kitchen window of his townhouse watching the sky.

"Draco," Astoria scolded, "Come eat your breakfast. Staring out the window isn't going to make the owl fly faster."

"I'm going to have to leave soon, and I want to know! I can't be late for a meeting I called."

"With whom are you meeting? I am certain they would understand your being a few minutes late to find out where your son was Sorted."

"I'm meeting with the Peruvian alpaca herders this morning. I discovered evidence that alpaca produce more effective bezoars than goats, so I want to buy some. These blokes weren’t pleased about traveling to London, and will only be less pleased if I’m late."

Astoria wrapped her arms around Draco, squeezing sympathetically.

"Scorpius should have written last night." Draco huffed.

"Did you write your parents your first night at Hogwarts?"

"Yes. It was expected."

"And you probably already knew everyone in Slytherin. Scorpius doesn't know anyone other than his cousins. He might be too busy making new friends to write immediately."

Draco turned away from the window, sat down at the table and sipped his tea. "Of course, I want him to make friends," Draco sighed, selecting a toast triangle to nibble.

Astoria joined Draco at the table for her own breakfast. After only a few minutes, Scorpius' eagle owl Snitch tapped on the window. Draco jumped up so quickly, he almost upset his chair. He let Snitch inside, took the parchment he held, and gestured vaguely at the table indicating the owl should help himself.

"Read it aloud, please," Astoria requested.

Draco cleared his throat and began reading.

Dear Mum and Dad,

You were right, Mum! I made friends on the train! This girl named Rose who's really talkative and very nice saw me sitting alone, so she and her cousin Al came to sit with me. He's nice, too. Then Rose went and found someone else sitting alone and brought him back to sit with us. His name is Wilhelm, but he goes by Wil. He's really funny.

We talked about what houses we all wanted to be in. Wil didn't know since his dad went to Durmstrang and his mum went to Beauxbatons. I said my family had been in Slytherin FOREVER, and Rose and Al said their families didn't care what houses they were in, so Al suggested that we all pick the same house, because Al said his dad said The Sorting Hat will let you choose. So that's what we did!

Wil was Sorted first so we decided we'd all ask for whatever house he got. He got Slytherin! He told me later that he ASKED The Sorting Hat for Slytherin since it was important to me and nobody else seemed too fussed by which house they got. Isn't that BRILLIANT?


"At least he's in Slytherin! I wish he’d told us more about his new friends . . ."

"Let me see the letter, dear." Astoria glanced at Scorpius' letter Draco handed her. "He's excited and happy. See how he's writing some of the words in all capitals? He only does that if he's really excited and happy."

"What do you know that you aren't telling me?"

Astoria sighed. "Hermione Weasley's daughter is named Rose and her cousin Al is the Potters' middle child. Hermione talks about them all the time. The Wizarding world is small enough, it probably isn't a coincidence."

"Potter's not bad—he kept Mother out of Azkaban— but why did Scorpius have to befriend Weasley's spawn?"

"It sounds like Weasley's spawn befriended Scorpius."

Draco glared at this wife.

"Oh, Draco. Hermione's a lovely person. I see her at the Ministry all the time. We have worked together on several cases, and even had lunch a few times."

"I was referring to her husband."

"Draco, just be glad Scorpius made friends and sounds happy."

"I am! I want Scorpius to be happy as much as you do!" Draco sipped more tea, swallowed, and smirked at Astoria.

"What's funny?"

"I wonder how Weasley will react to his little girl being in Slytherin."

~ * ~ * ~ *~

Harry, Ginny, and Lily were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when Al's owl Wig flew through the open window and perched on the edge of the table. Ginny relieved Wig of her letter and handed her a piece of bacon.

"Finally!" Lily exclaimed. "Is Al in Gryffindor with James?"

"I have to read the letter to find out, don't I?" Ginny smiled, shaking her head at Lily's exuberance. Ginny opened Al's letter, read it quickly without making a comment, and handed it to Harry.

"Well?!" Lily was almost bouncing in her seat.

Harry quickly read the letter, his face impassive, and handed it to Lily.

Lily almost tore the parchment in her haste to take the letter from her father. She read:

M, D, & L,

Since Dad told me The Sorting Hat would listen to people's choices, Rose and I decided to be in the same house with our new friends—Slytherin.


"Doesn't Al even know how to write properly?! Honestly! Signing it 'A'? His name's only got one more letter! And he didn't even tell us who his new friends are!" Lily groaned in frustration.

Ginny laughed. "Don't worry. I'm sure Rose wrote your Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione a proper letter with all of the information and they'll share it with us. They're coming for dinner tonight, so you won't have to wait very long to find out."

Harry shook his head. "Merlin's bo-" Ginny glared at him. "-army . . . hat," Harry finished.

Lily giggled. "That's all right, Daddy. You can say 'Merlin's bollocks'. Uncle Ron always does."

"Lily Luna!" Ginny scolded, as Harry almost choked on his tea. "Just because Uncle Ron says something does not mean it's the right thing to say."

"Yes, Mummy."

"I will definitely be having a talk with my brother." Ginny grumbled.

They ate in silence for a few minutes until Lily asked, "Do you think Uncle Ron will be upset Rosie's in Slytherin?"

~ * ~ * ~ *~

Hermione stood over her kitchen sink eating a piece of toast in one hand while she used her wand in her other hand to wash dishes and tidy the countertops. She had just Vanished her toast crumbs from the sink when Rose's owl Cinnamon flew in the window.

"Ron!" Hermione called up the stairs. "Cinnamon's here!"

Ron thundered down the stairs, carrying a shoe in one hand, his other hand tangled in his robes which flapped behind him. "Is she in Gryffindor?"

"Honestly, Ron. I waited for you before I opened the letter. We can read it together."

Ron kissed Hermione on the cheek. "Thanks, love. Hugo's going to hate he missed this."

"We can Floo him at your parents' later. He's probably having too much fun with your dad to even think about Rose at the moment." Hermione broke the seal on the letter and opened it, holding it so Ron could see, too.

Dear Daddy and Mummy,

I saw that blond boy we talked about sitting in a compartment all by himself, Daddy, so Al and I made friends with him. His name is Scorpius Malfoy. He was a bit quiet at first but seems very nice. He grew up in Argentina so he doesn't know anybody except a couple of cousins, but they're older. Wouldn't that be wonderful to have grown up in a whole different country? I'm sure he knows lots and lots of things I don't know yet. I told him that, but Scorpius didn't really think he knew much! I think he's being modest. He would have to know things from growing up somewhere different.

When I went to the loo, I saw another boy sitting alone, so I invited him to join us. His name's Wilhelm Krum, but he prefers to be called Wil. He's the son of the Quidditch player Viktor Krum that you went to the Yule Ball with, Mummy! I told Al, Scorpius, and Wil that, but they didn't care. Boys. Wil's mum played professional Quidditch, too, and guess what? Mr and Mrs Krum met in the Triwizard tournament. Mrs Krum was in the Beauxbatons delegation with Aunt Fleur, but they didn't start going out until they saw each other again at Aunt Fleur and Uncle Bill's wedding. Isn't that romantic? Mrs Krum retired from professional Quidditch but still coaches at Quidditch Camps. Mr Krum coaches, too, but he's also the Bulgarian Ambassador to England. Wil said his dad has lunch with Uncle Harry sometimes when he's in England. Isn't that wonderful?

"Bloody hell! Do we have to get the entire Malfoy and Krum family history? What house is she in?" Ron tried to grab the letter from Hermione.

"Be patient, Ron! There's more than one page."

Wil has lots of little brothers and sisters, not just one brother like me. Hi Hugo! It would be fun to have more little brothers and sisters, then Hugo wouldn't be lonely when I'm at Hogwarts!

Ron waggled his eyebrows at Hermione. "Wanna go make some more little brothers and sisters for Rosie?"

Hermione laughed. "Right now, I want to read her letter!"

Wil's dad went to Durmstrang and his mum went to Beauxbatons, and like I said before, they met at Hogwarts, so they wanted Wil to come to Hogwarts which was special to both of them rather than having him go to one or the other of their schools. I wonder if all of his siblings will go to Hogwarts?

Anyway, we all made friends. All of us come from families that play Quidditch, and we all want to be on our house team. But you know what? All of us want to play Seeker! There aren't four Seekers on a Quidditch team! There is only one Seeker, but we decided we'd all try for Seeker, but we really just want to be on the team no matter what position we play. If I don't get Seeker, I'll try for Chaser like Aunt Ginny. I'm too small to be a Keeper like Daddy. Wil will try for Keeper if he doesn't get Seeker. He's the largest of us. I think he's even bigger than James, and James is older! Wil's mum was a Keeper professionally, but Daddy probably already knew that since he knows everything about Quidditch. Al and Scorpius thought they would try for Chasers, too. We really just want to be on the team. Of course, we are putting the carriage before the hippogriff since we can't try out for the team until NEXT year. At least First Years get to have brooms now . . .

We talked about what houses we wanted to be in. Wil said he didn't care and was sure his parents didn't care since they didn't go to Hogwarts. Scorpius said his family has always been in Slytherin. I know both of you said whatever house I was in was fine, and Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry told Al the same thing. We decided it would be brilliant to all be in the same house since that way we would already have friends. Al told us Uncle Harry said when he was Sorted the Hat wanted to put him in Slytherin originally and Uncle Harry asked not to be, so the Hat listened to his choice and put him in Gryffindor. Uncle Harry said the Hat would take Al's choice into account, too, so all of us decided to choose whatever house Wil got because he was Sorted first. So Wil got Slytherin and the rest of us picked Slytherin. When I said to the Hat "I would like Slytherin, please," the Hat said that wouldn't have been his choice for me. Is the Hat a him? How do you tell with a Hat? It sounded like a him, although I guess it wasn't really talking and I wasn't really talking either, at least not out loud. We just had this conversation inside my head. Is that weird to have a conversation inside your own head? Anyway, the Hat said he would have put me in Ravenclaw, but I said I'd rather be with my friends in Slytherin, because Victoire's in Ravenclaw, and she's bossy. I'm sure being Head Girl this year will only make Victoire more bossy!

The Slytherin Common Room is really pretty. All of the furniture is the color of Uncle Harry's eyes, and you can see Merpeople out the windows! I'm the only First Year girl, which is odd, but Harriet, she's the Fifth Year Prefect and Professor Slughorn's daughter, is the only girl in her year, too. And her twin brother Harry is the only boy. In Fifth Year, not in all of Slytherin, although Slytherin is the smallest house. Harriet is really nice, and she showed me how Cinnamon can get out of the dungeons—there's a special owl tunnel—so Cinnamon can stay with me, and I won't get lonely.

Are you both OK with me being in Slytherin? I just want to make sure. Love you loads! (Hugo, too!)



Ron sighed. "Slytherin, huh?" He let out a puff of air.

"Are you OK, Ron?" Hermione caressed Ron's arm.

Ron nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I am. I told Rosie whatever house she was in was fine. That's true. Really."

"I'm proud of you." Hermione kissed Ron's cheek.

Ron snorted. "She’s my little girl. I love her. I'll just keep telling myself that Slytherin is fine." Ron laughed, "And I can give Harry heck that the Common Room furniture is the color of his eyes."

Hermione nuzzled into Ron's chest. "You do that, and I'll keep telling you I'm proud of you and find ways to distract you."

"Yeah? How about 'distracting' me now?"

Hermione began to play with the hair at the nape of Ron's neck. "It won't hurt for us to be a bit late to work . . ."

~ * ~ * ~ *~

Professor Horace Slughorn and Professor Aurora Sinistra-Slughorn request the pleasure of your company at a "get-to-know-you" holiday breakfast for the parents of all First Year Slytherins, on Friday, the first of December at eight o'clock in the morning in our quarters at Hogwarts. Please Responde Sil Vous Plait by return owl.

~ * ~ * ~ *~

"Oh how lovely! The Slughorns have invited us for a breakfast gathering to get to know the other parents of Scorpius' classmates."

Draco glanced over Astoria's shoulder at the invitation. "I wouldn’t say it’s 'lovely' and we already know the other parents, anyway."

"You went to school with the Potters and Weasleys almost two decades ago, and you've met Viktor Krum once. That doesn't count as 'knowing' them. We are going."

~ * ~ * ~ *~

"What's that?" Ginny asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Harry handed her the parchment invitation, chuckling. "Apparently Horace is trying to start The Slug Club for Parents."

Ginny laughed. "Well, he always served good food at those shindigs. Shall we go?"

Harry nodded, smiling.

~ * ~ * ~ *~

"He wants us to do what?"

"Ron, it's just breakfast. You like breakfast."

"I like every meal! Doesn't mean I want to eat one with a smarmy tosser and your ex-boyfriend!"

"Ronald Weasley! I went out with Viktor very briefly almost a quarter of a century ago. It is way past time for you to get over it! And Harry said Draco has mellowed with age."

Ron snorted. "You make him sound like a wine . . . there's a thought! Will there be alcoholic beverages at this thing? That would make it easier to deal with . . . Mmmm . . . Firewhisky for breakfast . . ."


Ron put his arms around Hermione. "I'm sorry, love. Just had an immature moment. I had to get it out of my system so I'll behave at Old Sluggy's do. I promise."

Hermione rolled her eyes, but hugged him back.

~ * ~ * ~ *~

"Welcome, welcome!" Horace Slughorn's big, booming voice thankfully brought an end to the awkward small talk; Harry had greeted Draco, Hermione was talking to Astoria in a corner, and Viktor and his wife Emilie greeted Ron and Ginny. Ron and Draco furtively made suspicious glances at each other across the room.

"We are so happy you could join us this morning. Horace and I started having these breakfasts just after the war and have found it to be such a rewarding experience." Aurora Sinistra-Slughorn beamed at everyone. “We always do a breakfast just for first-years’ parents, then have an all-Slytherin party in January, it’s so dreary after the holidays, then have an end of year party for all of the students and their parents and anyone who would like to come. We hold the large party, outside under the stars. I expect we’ll be seeing all of you at our subsequent parties this year.” Aurora looked around at the assembled couples.

“Of course, Draco and I will come! And I hope all of you will come to our New Year’s Eve party! My family has always held a New Year’s party, but it’s been quite a while since I lived in England to host one here.”

There were general murmurs of assent.

"Please, everyone! Let's sit down. Tea?" At the nods and affirmations of those gathered, Horace waved his wand and a large carafe of tea floated in and began pouring itself into cups that appeared on the table in front of each person. "We will have breakfast in just a moment, but first I'd like us all to introduce ourselves to each other—tell everyone about your family, what you do for a living, that sort of thing. Harry, my boy, would you start us off?"

Harry, surprised by this request, hurriedly swallowed a too-large mouthful of tea, and coughed. He cleared his throat, and said croakily, "I'm Harry Potter, I'm married to Ginny, for fifteen years now, we have three children—James is a second year, Al's a first year, and Lily is nine. Er . . . I'm Head of the Auror Department."

"Excellent, Excellent! And so modest! Youngest head of the Auror department ever, and second youngest of head of any Ministry department in history!"

"Horace, don't embarrass poor Harry."

"Oh, of course not, love." Horace patted Aurora's hand, and turned back to Harry. "Albus is doing very well in Potions."

"He must take after his mum, then," Harry replied. Everyone laughed.

"Ah! Breakfast is ready!"

Everyone looked at Horace with curiosity. "I charmed the timer so only I would hear it. Please let's keep talking. Ginevra, you were an excellent Potions student. Please tell everyone about yourself."

Horace was making some very complicated wand movements as Ginny began talking. "Well, since Harry already told you about our family . . . I started with the Holyhead Harpies right after finishing Hogwarts, and before Horace can tell you, yes, I was the youngest Chaser they ever had." There was an appreciative chuckle from the group. ”I played with the Harpies for six years until James was born. I hadn't been back very long as an Assistant Coach when Albus came along, and I retired from playing professionally. I became the Quidditch Correspondent for The Daily Prophet seven years ago."

"And an excellent writer you are, my dear!"

"Thank you, Horace."

Horace made one final swirl of his wand and platters full of sausages, eggs, a breakfast casserole, scones, beans, and fried tomatoes appeared on the table to general astonishment.

"I do so enjoy reading your articles, Ginny. You know more about Quidditch than any Correspondent The Daily Prophet has ever had."

"Thank you, Aurora."

"Everyone dig in!" Horace began passing platters with magic. Ron did not hesitate to begin helping himself and others quickly followed. "We can still talk while we eat! And before you ask Hermione, I did not use House Elves to make this breakfast. Culinary magic is rather a hobby of mine."

Hermione smiled approvingly at him. "Everything looks wonderful, Horace."

"Why don't you go next, dear?" Seeing everyone was served, Horace sliced a large serving of casserole for Aurora and helped himself to tomatoes and beans.

Hermione nodded, swallowing a bite of casserole. She took a sip of tea and said, "After Hogwarts, I spent some time moving around to different departments at the Ministry. We were still in the War Recovery Effort, so many departments needed help, and I had a lot of different areas I wanted to explore. I moved from department to department until Rose was born, then I did consulting work for the Ministry from home until after Hugo was born. I joined MLES eight years ago and have found a home there."

"All of your knowledge of different areas of the Ministry would be a valuable asset if you ever decide to run for Minister of Magic. You'd certainly have my vote!"

Hermione laughed. "Thank you, Horace, but I don't plan to."

Ron swallowed a huge bite of food and looked at Hermione, "You should run for Minister someday. You'd be absolutely brilliant at it."

Hermione laughed. “Thank you, but I don’t think so.”

“I think it would be a great idea, too, Hermione,” Astoria added.

“Her-MEE-Oh-nee for Meenister!” Viktor chimed in.

Everyone laughed, sharing their own words of encouragement.

“Well, Hermione, if you ever do decide to run for Minister, it certainly seems like you will have much support.” Aurora smiled at the general agreement of the group. “Now where were we in our introductions? We wouldn’t want anyone to be left out.”

Ron said, “I guess it’s my turn. I’m married to Hermione, so future husband of the Minister of Magic,” there were several chuckles, “dad to Rosie and Hugo—he’s nine, same as Lily” Ron nodded to Harry and Ginny, “and I’m an Auror. Harry and I were partners until the git decided to run the place.” Everyone roared with laughter at that, especially Harry. “Harry and I still partner on a few of the bigger cases, but I now am mostly training new Aurors.”

“I feel the world is safer already with our Aurors in such good hands!” Horace smiled broadly. “Draco, why don’t you tell us about your chosen career?”

“Well, after the War, I . . . moved . . . Er.“ Ron snorted and Hermione slapped his arm. Draco glared at Ron. Aurora cleared her throat. “I moved to Argentina.” Draco gave a determined look to the group at large. “I began working for an apothecary and researching indigenous potions ingredients and now I own Starflower Potion Supply. I met Astoria in Argentina, we’ve been married for twelve years, and we are parents to Scorpius, our only child.”

“So modest, Draco! I’ve heard you are making rather impressive discoveries of new ways to use potions ingredients . . . You wouldn’t mind sharing one or two with a former professor, would you?”

“I’d be glad to, Horace. I recently acquired these little beauties.” Draco pulled what looked like a small rock out of his pocket and handed it to Horace.

Horace took the proffered stone. “A bezoar?”

“Yes, from the stomach of an alpaca. They are more effective than those from goats. I brought one for everyone if you’d like them.” Draco looked around the room, raising his eyebrows in question. Receiving affirmative nods, Draco distributed the bezoars

Without smiling, Ron said, “These things come in very handy. Thanks.” Ron and Draco shared a challenging look. Draco looked away first as he handed the next bezoar to Hermione.

Everyone put away their new bezoars, and as the group settled, Aurora asked, “So what took you to Argentina, Astoria?”

“My family moved to Argentina after my third year so I finished my schooling there. I began an apprenticeship with El Departamento—well, with the Argentine equivalent of MLES. I knew who Draco was when I was at Hogwarts since he was in my sister Daphne’s class, but I actually met him in Argentina when we needed an expert to consult on a case regarding fraudulent potion making. Draco and I moved back to England last spring, and I transferred to the MLES here, so Hermione and I get to work together sometimes.” Astoria smiled across the table at Hermione, and Hermione returned the smile.

Horace beamed and said in his booming voice, “And last but most certainly not least, the Krums!”

Viktor nodded to Emilie to go first.

“I attended Beauxbatons, and began playing Quidditch professionally right after finishing school. I came to Hogwarts as part of the Beauxbatons delegation for the Triwizard Tournament which is when I met Viktor, although we did not begin going out until my friend Fleur was married. Fleur is Ron and Ginny’s sister-in-law.” Emilie smiled at Ron and Ginny. “I played professional Quidditch until Wilhelm was seven, and our twins Anastas and Ana were born. Olga came along a little more than a year later, and then little Aleksandr a year and a half after that. We were very busy for a while.” Emilie smiled at Viktor, and everyone laughed. “Viktor and I coach children’s Quidditch camps, but we keep busy enough with two four-year-olds, a three year old and a one year old when we aren’t coaching.”

“They do keep us busy,” Viktor added, smiling. “In addition to coaching, I am the Bulgarian Ambassador of Magic to Great Britain. Both are part-time jobs, though. I want to have time to spend with Emilie and our children.”

“Wonderful, just wonderful. And will I have the pleasure of teaching your younger children at Hogwarts, too?”

Emilie laughed. “I think we have a bit of time yet to decide.”

“Yes, yes, of course! Well, we have just as brilliant a group of first years’ parents as we do first years! I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Emilie raised her hand tentatively.

“Yes, my dear?” Horace asked.

“Well, I could be the only one who doesn’t know, but you haven’t told us your stories yet.”

“That’s an excellent point, Emilie!” Aurora interjected. Horace nodded and gestured for his wife to continue. “I attended Hogwarts and when I finished school I took the, at that time, traditional gap year. Then I made a different tour of the world. I spent several years studying at every Wizarding Astronomy Institute in the world so that I could contemplate the stars from every possible angle and in every season. When I had completed my self-imposed additional studies, I returned to Scotland to teach at Hogwarts. I won’t tell you how long ago that was . . .”

Everyone chuckled.

“I have taught here ever since. I met Horace when he returned to teaching in the nineties, and we fell in love during the War. That year when the Death Eaters were in charge at Hogwarts was the worst ever. All of us did our best to stay alive, help students as we could, and drew comfort from one another whenever possible.” Aurora clasped Horace’s hand tightly. “We were married shortly after the War, and our twins were born a few years after that. Both Fifth year Slytherin Prefects. We couldn’t be more proud.”

“My story is similar to that of my darling Aurora. Attended Hogwarts, pursued additional studies over several years, returned to teach. Then I wanted a change and retired. I traveled, dabbled in different professions, it was great fun for a time, but when The Dark Lord returned, the Death Eaters began pursuing me for help with their potions’ needs. I evaded them for a time, living in hiding, moving from place to place, until Albus convinced me to return to teaching. I am so thankful he did! If not for Albus Dumbledore, I never would have met the love of my life or known the joy of fatherhood.” Horace beamed at Aurora and then at the group. “There is plenty more food! Eat up, eat up! And while you eat, I really would like to tell you about the most delightful potion I discovered recently and Aurora wll share her experiments with the effects of different moon phases on the brewing of common household potions . . .”

~ * ~ * ~ *~

Mr and Mrs Draco Malfoy request the honour of your presence at our New Year’s Eve Celebration. Please join as at our London townhouse at seven o’clock in the evening as we prepare to welcome two thousand eighteen! Please respond by return owl.

~ * ~ * ~ *~

“Do we really have to go?”

“Ron! Scorpius is one of Rose’s friends, and I like Astoria. Besides, you and Draco both managed to mostly behave at the Slughorns’ breakfast. I think the bezoars were a peace offering of sorts.”

“Maybe he just plans to poison me again and wants plausible deniability.”


“Fine! We’ll go! But what sort of poncy time for a party is seven o’clock anyway?”

“The children are invited. Maybe they don’t want to make them wait until later to eat.”

~ * ~ * ~ *~

“Harry, Lily just threw up. We can’t possibly take her to the party with us. I’m going to Apparate to Mom and Dad’s and see if they can watch her this evening. Will you please Floo Draco and Astoria and tell them we might be late?”

~ * ~ * ~ *~

“Astoria! There’s someone ringing the bell. Who in Merlin’s name would be here this early?” Draco struggled to finish properly tying his bow tie.

“I’ve got the door!” Scorpius yelled towards his parents’ room.

“Hi Rosie! Good evening, Mr and Mrs Weasley.” Scorpius offered each of them his hand.

“Hi Scorpius!”

“Good Evening.”

“Hello, Scorpius.”

All of the Weasleys returned his greetings.

“Would you like to see the Chudley Cannons versus the Falmouth Falcons posters my mum gave my dad and me for Christmas?”

“Yeah!” Rose answered. “Dad and I both love the Cannons!”

“Me, too.”

The Weasleys followed Scorpius into a sitting room and saw three large posters framed side by side showing the best plays of a Cannons’ vs. Falcons match. Ron asked, “Scorpius, does your dad support the Cannons, too?”

“No, Sir. Dad supports the Falcons, but I support the Cannons. That’s why Mum’s gift was for both of us. Dad doesn’t really like the Cannons much, but he still takes me to their games since I really like them.”

“The Cannons are a wonderful team,” Ron smiled at Scorpius who beamed back.

Astoria and Draco appeared in the door. “Welcome, Ron, Hermione. I apologize for our absence.” Draco nodded in greeting.

Ron returned the nod and Hermione said, “That’s fine, Astoria! I had thought we were late.”

“Not at all!” Astoria gave Scorpius a sharp look. “Scorpius, don’t you have something to say to the Weasleys?” Scorpius blushed.

“I apologize for purposely putting the wrong time on your invitation. I wanted to have my friends here early, but since the Potters and Krums Flooed that they’d be late, you’re the only ones who are early.” Scorpius looked at the ground.

Hermione’s eyes twinkled as she tried not to laugh. Ron couldn’t help a smile.

“I thought it was strange when Harry and Viktor Flooed, until I asked Scorpius what was going on. I tried to get in touch with you, but you’d already left.” Astoria explained.

“We took Hugo to my parents’ house. He was invited to a slumber party with some of his Muggle friends.”

“Well, I guess it will just be us for a bit! May we get you something to drink?”

The Weasleys didn’t answer for a moment.

Draco reached in a cupboard. “Firewhisky?”

“I’d love some, thanks,” Ron answered.

“If you don’t fancy Firewhisky, Hermione, I have some wine chilling in the kitchen, and some butterbeers for the children.”

“That sounds lovely, Astoria.” Hermione, Scorpius, and Rose followed Astoria talking and laughing, leaving Draco and Ron alone and silent in the sitting room.

Draco busied himself pouring two very large glasses of Firewhisky while Ron watched the Quidditch posters.

Draco handed Ron a glass without a word, and Ron took a large gulp. “Good stuff.” Ron raised his glass to Draco in salute.

“Of course,” Draco drawled, tipping his glass to Ron in return.

They stood there in awkward silence for a moment, sipping their Firewhisky, until Draco said, “Scorpius tells me you and Rose follow the Cannons?”

“Yes, we do.” Ron jumped on the topic after another bracing sip of Firewhisky. “Were you and Scorpius at the game?” Ron gestured to the posters. Draco nodded. “Rosie and I were there, too.”

~ * ~ * ~ *~

By half past eleven all of the assembled Borgins, Burkes, Goyles, Slughorns, Notts, Finnegans, Potters, Weasleys, Krums, Malfoys, Ollivanders, Goyles, Zabinis, and Nimbuses had been well fed, were drinking copious amounts of alcohol for the adults and butterbeer for the children, and were engaged in a sing-a-long of Wizarding carols directed by Astoria. Scorpius also sang several solos accompanied by his mother.

All of the assembled guests were talking and laughing together—even Ron had cheered up significantly once he was no longer left alone with Draco—when Astoria announced, “It’s almost midnight! Time for the countdown! Then we will have a special surprise for ‘Auld Lang Syne’ which I think everyone will enjoy.”

All the guests counted down in unison followed by cheers of “Happy New Year!” Husbands and wives kissed, friends hugged, acquaintances shook hands. Astoria cut things off after a few minutes and gestured to Scorpius. “I told you we had a surprise, and here they are!”

Scorpius waved his friends over. Al and Rose sat on the piano bench for a duet, Wil played the traditional Bulgarian tamboura, and Scorpius sang. By the second verse all of the guests had joined in singing together. When the song ended, the crowd reacted with thunderous applause for Rose, Al, Wil, and Scorpius.

Turning to his friends, Scorpius said, “I think the four of us should start a band!”

“Great idea!” Wil and Al spoke at the same time.

Rose added, “That would make an excellent New Year’s resolution for the four of us. Happy New Year, Everyone!” And she hugged all of her friends.
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