December 23rd, 2013

Santa's House-Elf - List

We all want some ficcy pudding...

Thank-you, oh ye readers and writers, for keeping the comments coming! I hope you're enjoying the fest.

We have a few more fics to come - I'll post one today and one tomorrow, and the others from 27th December. I'm going to be travelling for the next 10 days or so with erratic net connections, so I'll hold off posting the reveals until 6 January - that should give everyone a chance to read the later fics.

(Er, including me. I've had a hell of a month and haven't had time to read the entries properly, let alone to comment. I hope to catch up with both over the next week.)

Thanks again for bearing with me.

Now, on with the fic!
bringer of gifts

Fic: The Strong Box for chthonya

Title: The Strong Box
Author: snorkackcatcher
Written for: chthonya
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4150
Characters: Harry, Ron, Proudfoot, a few others
Summary: Harry didn’t know quite what to expect from his first raid as a novice Auror, but all they found was a chess game and a box they couldn’t open.

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