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01 September 2011 @ 04:22 pm
2011 Sign-Up Post!  
Welcome to the 2011 round of hp_holidaygen! A big thank you to virginia_bell and wanderlight for allowing us to run the fest this year!

For those unfamiliar with the format of these anonymous exchanges, you will sign up for characters, scenarios, genres, etc. that you would like to receive and like to write/draw. An anonymous someone will then be assigned to create fic/art for you, and you will be asked to do the same. On Christmas Day or thereabouts, the names of the writers and artists will be revealed.


If you haven't done so already, please read the rules before you sign up:

1. Remember that this is a genfic exchange. Romance is allowed, but it cannot be the point of your fic/art. There are other exchanges for those fics.

2. Anyone can participate, but if you're not of age, please don't write or request NC-17 fic/art.

3. Fics should be at least 1000 words and beta read. The moderator reserves the right to return your fic if she thinks it doesn't meet basic spelling/punctuation/grammar requirements. There is no maximum word limit but remember that December is a very busy month for most people, so very long fics may find fewer readers!

4. To preserve anonymity, all fic and art will be posted by the moderaters via genficsanta. Completed and beta read fics should be sent to hp.holidaygen@gmail.com as a Word file attachment. Please include the proper header (see userinfo), any HTML formatting, and make sure you turn off smart quotes (Tools >> AutoCorrect >> AutoFormat As You Type >> Uncheck "straight quotes with smart quotes").

5. If you have any questions for your recipient about his/her request, please direct them to the moderator via e-mail (hp.holidaygen@gmail.com), who will contact said recipient on your behalf.

6. You cannot post your fic/art to your own journal or other communities and archives until the identity of all writers and artists have been revealed.

7. If you cannot finish your assignment and/or you need an extension, please let the moderators know as soon as possible! It makes life easier for everyone.


To sign up for the 2011 holiday genfic/art exchange, please use the following template:

Comments are screened.

Here are your important hp_holidaygen dates:

September 1: sign-ups begin
September 18: sign-ups end
September 26: assignments mailed
November 20: assignments due for first-time participants
November 27: assignments due for all other participants
December 1: posting begins

Any further questions can be directed to your moderator or sent to hp.holidaygen@gmail.com. Meanwhile, do pimp the exchange -- the more participants, the better!

Your excited and bouncy mods, chthonya and lazy_neutrino.

EDIT: Sign-ups are now closed. Thank you to all the lovely darlings who have signed up, and also to everyone (also lovely darlings) who will offer to pinch-hit or will follow the comm and give feedback. Your mods are meeting next weekend to finalise the assignments and you should hear from us in the week after that!!

lazy_neutrino for the mods